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Sleeve Pekingese

Page updated on 10/26/09

We DO NOT have ANY Sleeve Pekingese at this time.




A Sleeve Pekingese is under 6 lbs, anything over that is NOT a Sleeve. We DO NOT breed for sleeves, sometimes we luck out and get one.  Some Peke lines never through a sleeve, we had only one female that gave us our sleeves. She has passed away. We have one of her daughters that is normal size we are hoping when put with the right sire will give us sleeves like her mom.

 We DO NOT guarantee ANY of our puppies to be Sleeves, nor should ANY other breeder. There are times when you have a good idea one might be, but they can surprise you. A Sleeve Pekingese puppy is born the same size as all the other puppies in the litter. If you truely want a Sleeve Pekingese do some reading before buying from a breeder advertising Sleeve Pekingese Puppies.

ANY of our TINY females will be sold only as pets, they will come with limited registration! We will require buyers of all tiny females to sign a spay agreement.

AKC Sleeve Pekingese



She weighs just 5.8 lbs


AKC Sleeve Pekingese 



She weighs just 5.11 lbs


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